Here is the original article talking about the FTTH network that UCL plans to introduce, just in case you want to read it, and possibly have more details. LINK.

I wish to point out one issue in this article
Elle compte mettre en place un réseau de fibre optique pour couvrir tout le pays. Un investissement de Rs 1 milliard et qui donnera lieu à un réseau parallèle à celui de Mauritius Telecom.
This is something awesome! No more traffic congestion due to a single network? Let's hope!


  1. Neelesh said...

    UCL is our only hope... We don't want subsets of Telecom. :P

    We can only dream right now  

  2. InF said...

    Hahaha! Who does!

    We want some fair competition now, not just one giant eating all the competition!  


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