Speed = Piracy?

I was using the MyT usage calculator some days back to determine if ever I switch over from 512K to MyT when I saw these 3 fields (see below). These got me thinking, and the conclusion is rather funny, but serious all the same!

Those three fields may imply "How many copywrited works do you download per week" IMHO.
Why? Because the vast majority of music clips available online are copywrited, and so are most video clips. The last field is interesting. "Number of software downloaded per week, more than 100MB in size". Frankly, I do not know many legit software that exceeds 30MB, excluding Linux distros, and some development platforms.

Would this mean that MyT is, in some ways, telling people that you will be able to pirate more using their service? It might be just me, but this is the message I got by checking those 3 fields.

With this, I want to raise another point. ISPs in the world are all going for the "I offer more bandwidth" race. We see megabit connections popping up everywhere, from 1Mbps and all the way to the 50-ish Mbps. Now, why the hell would you need such a fast connection for? I don't think simple browsing requires that amount of speed. Ok, your usual Youtube session will be a lot smoother. And so will be viewing your fav HD television channel. Apart from those? Your downloads, legal or illegal, will be lightning fast.

This is funny. ISPs offer such speeds, that are just cut for massive-sized file downloads, and associations like the RIAA still want us not to download stuff. Isn't that some kind of "service-contradiction"? Don't go telling me that all those kids with 8Mbps are using all that speed only for browsing pages, Youtubing and downloading Linux distros all day long!

You don't need 8Mbps just to browse. Unless you browse like 137634tdfjd pages of Youtube at the same time! :D

Make your own conclusion, and let me know your comments.



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