Anime vs Manga

I keep seeing/hearing people write/say the terms "anime" and "manga" interchangably. This is totally wrong!! These two words are very distinct to each other, and I decided to write this small "tutorial" to help people.

What is anime?

That's not a question to ask! I'm sure most of you already know what it is, but didn't know how it was called. It's what we Mauritians usually call "ti comik". Anime comes in various forms, but they have a very distinct style that differenciates from all other "ti comiks". Check these out, and see if you recognize any of those:

Yes. "Anime" is shortened of "Animation", meaning animated movies. They usually originate from the country of the rising sun, Japan, and usually use hand-drawn frames and graphics. Anime therefore refers to the motion picture, the video if you want.

What is manga?

Manga? This you might not have seen, but any die-hard anime-fan will immediately tell you what it is. Here:

You see? Manga are books, or pages, or even images. Manga are also drawn pictures, but in the form of books, and on paper.

As you see, these terms cannot be used interchangably. So next time you want to talk about anime/manga, use your terms well. And if you want to be a respectable fan, learn the differences, and know how to appreciate both forms of media.

I'll have another post about anime and manga terms soon. Till then, Sayonara! :P


  1. Anonymous said...

    OMG, my hero :P
    yeah, i also feel i have to correct those people using the term "manga" universally to describe anime and manga o_O

    the funny thing is that i myself used to be guilty of this assimilation of terms (i mean heh, before 2004 the only animes/mangas i knew were dbz and saint seiya :P )

    so methinks its more lack of cultural materials than anything :)  


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