Xubuntu worked!

Oh yes!! Seems today is the day of the OH YES's!! :P

Anyways, after almost a day of downloading Xubuntu (~500MB but slowness kept me waiting), I ran it in Live-CD mode on my laptop, a Sony Vaio FZ-240. What happened? IT WORKED!

With Kubuntu Fiesty Fawn, I couldn't boot it without applying a set of commands. I was getting dropped into Busybox with this error message

"Cannot access TTY. Job control turned off.", together with some bla bla's.

After reading around, I guessed that Fiesty was not able to handle my hardware. I waited and tried different distros. Puppy Linux, Damn Small Linux and Knoppix worked charmingly. I didn't particularly like any of them. I'm a *Ubuntu fan, so I wanted some variant to use.

For some folks, the older Dapper Drake worked. That failed for me. I kept waiting, begging Bobster and Neelesh for the Gutsy Gibbon CD of Kubuntu. They forgot me and left me in my torment. :( (Bad things happen when you deprive me of Linux. I get weird.)

But now! BUT NOW! I got Xubuntu. And I just can't describe the feeling I got when I saw XFCE in front of me. And this thing runs sooooooo smoothly on Core 2 Duo! Even my resolution was supported out of the box. Now, what remains is my WiFi driver that's not working. Will fix that soon enough, either with iwlwifi, or via Ndiswrapper if it fails. I'll start posting my Xubuntu experiences soon enough. That, until I get Kubuntu from one of my tormentors or if my ship-it arrives!

Yes I know. Minimalistic desktop. No bangs and frills. Just cleanliness. Amazes me too, who is used to the bulkiness of KDE. Anyways, you'll get my feedbacks soon.

I initially downloaded Xubuntu to run on an old Intel Celeron 600MHz PC I have at home. It has 128MB of RAM, and 16MB VRAM, with a 15GB HD. I will try it on that, and post my reviews as to whether Xubuntu can really revive old PCs. I tried Damn Small Linux (DSL) and Puppy Linux on it. It worked, but it lacked features. I'll be posting my review of DSL and Puppy afterwards. Puppy failed to boot. Xorg has issues apparently. No luck with XVesa too.

For now, I return to my revision. Why do geeks need test weeks? Life's sooo unfair! I'd kill to have full-days spent on my pcs! :(


  1. Neelesh said...

    Dude,it is not begging. It's just that I had not come to uni lately.  

  2. InF said...

    Whahaha! I knew that was coming! :D



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