Ohh.. I've been on Riverofbliss and saw that Neh had loads of new articles up.. Reminds me that I've got to keep writing too. Nooo! It's not my fault.. I swear! Its that of the Lazy-Me! :P

Anyways, 3,2,1..uh..0? Start!

Unif started, and with that a new lifestyle. No more going up till 2 am chatting and browsing, to wake up at 10am the next day! Now, it's 11pm to 6pm every day! OMG military regime! Tough life.

The Student Union sit-in turned from a said BOOM to a POOF after Minister Gokhool intervened. They said it was postponed till a decision was taken. Meanwhile, the Teaching Staff is still baring its teeth apparently.

I went to 6 lectures till now, Maths for Computing (2x), SSD (2x), Computer Hardware (1x) and Programming Methodology (1x). I still haven't seen what FCS and O & M ressembles. Got no lecturer apparently. Now, the lectures themselves are quite interesting after the introductions (which are kinda boring). But the thing is, we can hardly see a thing on the board or projector from the back of the lecture theatre! Also, the class, consisting of 100+ students, makes student-lecturer interactions non-existant. This is a good element to make any class boring beyond measure. Listening for 2 hrs non-stop to an interaction-less lecture makes you sleepy. That's one fact I learnt. At least the chairs are comfy.. Most of them at least. :P

For now, Programming Methodology and Computer Hardware are the ones I find most interesting. Maths being the most tedious to understand and SSD the most difficult to resist sleeping. SSD is pure, continuous, monotonous theory. Phewww. However, some of the concepts in it are interesting. Specially the info about organisations and roles.

Campus is fun. Got loads of things to do between lectures. Common Room is always lively and you can play games there to spend time. Cards, chess, pool, carrom among others makes time go fast. The cafetaria is unfriendly to me, at least to vegs. There isn't lots of veg food there. Too bad. Will have to find new lunch place soon.

The gym is cool! 6 synthetic-flooring courts of badmintons tempt me. Still haven't got the change of trying them (or the changing rooms) yet. The courts were always taken. Hope it'll be for soon. The football pitch seems nice too, but always full. Not that I'm such a football player/fan anyways.

Uh what more.. Yea. The lecturers are quite friendly, but they can't get to know each of their students individually now. Too bad. This severely limits interaction. That's one of the major flaws of the new system at UOM. This, and the fact that we can barely see slides and what's written on the board. Got to stick our necks out and stretch our eyes, or simply sit in front. That means coming to lectures at least 30 mins prior start. Not always easy...

I hate one thing about UOM, and that hate can be phrased as "Severe Lack of Information for First Years". An example? We were given a form about Plagiarism. But never told where to return it afterwards. We had to figure it was Admissions Office. Another thing. There is scarcely any mentions about how to do stuff. Eg. When you want a locker? Simple. Go to Registry and ask. And if you want a time-table? Simple! Go to Registry and ask. Bus pass? Go to Registry and ask. Funny thing is. The Registry will sometimes send you to Admissions office, or your Programme Coordinator, who/which will then divert you to the Registry. And on... Why not just devise a FAQ for freshers? Mehhh...

I haven't had my practicals yet. So I can't say about labs and stuff. Will keep that for another post. That's all for now. If there is anything new, will blog about it. For now, I'm sleepy! Whooops! It's nearly 1 am and I'm still awake.. Guess I never learn! :P

I finally got my acceptance letter for a seat in BSc. (Hons) Computer Science and Engineering (3 years) at University of Mauritius! I hope the course will go on smoothly. Heard it's quite complex and involves quite a lot of programming. I better manage this time! :S

However, things are not going smooth at UOM lately. Student Union and teaching staff are not agreeing with the administration about newly implemented measures about shared courses and shared-dissertations for 3rd years. Quite a lot of stuff going on, and quite a lot of revolt coming.

Hope everything goes on smoothly for us newb freshers... For now, Reconnaissance of UOM grounds! :D

More later.. :P

Some random tricks about Firefox...

1. If you want to load Google, Yahoo and Youtube at the same time and at every start of Firefox, is it possible??

Yes it is! And it's simple to do at that. Here are the steps and taking Google, Yahoo and Youtube as example. Substitute with what you want.
1) Open Firefox. Then go to Tools - Options - Main Tab

2) In Startup frame, select Show my Home Page3) Now in home page field, type (without quotes, italic text only) "http://www.google.com | http://www.yahoo.com | http://www.youtube.com"

3) To open the same pages, but a 4th blank tab, use "http://www.google.com | http://www.yahoo.com | http://www.youtube.com | about:blank" without quotes. Note that about:blank opens a blank tab / window.

Now, when you load Firefox next time, the addresses you type, separated by the | symbol will simultaneously open in new tabs.

2. Scrolling with your keyboard

You can use these shortcuts to browse up and down in a page, in addition to the arrow keys:
Space Bar: Scrolls down
Shift + Space Bar: Scrolls up
An essential trick for people who want keyboard-only browsing.

3. Custom Search Keywords aka. Quick Search

There is a very good function in Firefox that allows you to define custom keywords to search directly from your address bar. Take for example, you want to search for something on Youtube or Ebay. Ok, you can use the search bar, but you'll have to add custom searches first.

A simpler method is:
1) Go to your site. Eg. Youtube. It should have a search engine.

2) Right-click the "Search" field and select "Add a Keyword for this Search"

3) In "Name", add something meaningful, eg. Youtube Search.

4)The next field, "Keyword" is important. Here, you should type your keyword. For Youtube, it might be "tube" or "yt" or something short and nice to type. For Ebay, it might be "eb" or "bay". It depends on what you like. Type your keyword and proceed.

5) Select Quick Searches in the "Create in" dropdown menu. It makes sorting Quick Search bookmarks easier to sort and find.

6) Now, when you need to search for something on your site, you type the keyword in the address bar (delete its contents first), followed by your search term. Eg. assuming keyword for youtube is "yt", you'd type "yt test" in the address bar to search for "test" on Youtube. No http or www in the address bar when you are Quick Searching...

That'd be all for now...


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