Unif Begins!

I finally got my acceptance letter for a seat in BSc. (Hons) Computer Science and Engineering (3 years) at University of Mauritius! I hope the course will go on smoothly. Heard it's quite complex and involves quite a lot of programming. I better manage this time! :S

However, things are not going smooth at UOM lately. Student Union and teaching staff are not agreeing with the administration about newly implemented measures about shared courses and shared-dissertations for 3rd years. Quite a lot of stuff going on, and quite a lot of revolt coming.

Hope everything goes on smoothly for us newb freshers... For now, Reconnaissance of UOM grounds! :D

More later.. :P


  1. ŁǿяĐ Θf Ãčє said...

    bof premier fois mo p lire to blog. mai mo tane parler 2 toi plusieur place.
    enfin CSE sucks man. & gud luck

    am currently in CSEyr2.. lol  


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