Firefox Tricks

Some random tricks about Firefox...

1. If you want to load Google, Yahoo and Youtube at the same time and at every start of Firefox, is it possible??

Yes it is! And it's simple to do at that. Here are the steps and taking Google, Yahoo and Youtube as example. Substitute with what you want.
1) Open Firefox. Then go to Tools - Options - Main Tab

2) In Startup frame, select Show my Home Page3) Now in home page field, type (without quotes, italic text only) " | |"

3) To open the same pages, but a 4th blank tab, use " | | | about:blank" without quotes. Note that about:blank opens a blank tab / window.

Now, when you load Firefox next time, the addresses you type, separated by the | symbol will simultaneously open in new tabs.

2. Scrolling with your keyboard

You can use these shortcuts to browse up and down in a page, in addition to the arrow keys:
Space Bar: Scrolls down
Shift + Space Bar: Scrolls up
An essential trick for people who want keyboard-only browsing.

3. Custom Search Keywords aka. Quick Search

There is a very good function in Firefox that allows you to define custom keywords to search directly from your address bar. Take for example, you want to search for something on Youtube or Ebay. Ok, you can use the search bar, but you'll have to add custom searches first.

A simpler method is:
1) Go to your site. Eg. Youtube. It should have a search engine.

2) Right-click the "Search" field and select "Add a Keyword for this Search"

3) In "Name", add something meaningful, eg. Youtube Search.

4)The next field, "Keyword" is important. Here, you should type your keyword. For Youtube, it might be "tube" or "yt" or something short and nice to type. For Ebay, it might be "eb" or "bay". It depends on what you like. Type your keyword and proceed.

5) Select Quick Searches in the "Create in" dropdown menu. It makes sorting Quick Search bookmarks easier to sort and find.

6) Now, when you need to search for something on your site, you type the keyword in the address bar (delete its contents first), followed by your search term. Eg. assuming keyword for youtube is "yt", you'd type "yt test" in the address bar to search for "test" on Youtube. No http or www in the address bar when you are Quick Searching...

That'd be all for now...



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