Wow! One whole month without a post here! Poor blog! But hey, exams were on, and I'd be dead if I kept on posting. Who was going to study, eh? :)

Anyways, it's over now, so I'll be reviving this place a bit. With a mini-review of one movie you gotta see this month, or this year. Ironman. I saw it, and truly, it' will probably be among the top 10 movies of the year 2008.

Ironman is your classic superhero movie, adapted from the character from Marvel Comics, in case you didn't already know. Just as any hero movie, it's one guy vs the bad guys. With a new spice added, called the technology touch.

Well, it's no longer a small picture on paper now. It's been totally chewed and spit out, as a brand new and flaming, sparkling and whatever else movie, packed full with awesome special effects, and a good crew of actors.

Here goes, a trailer off Youtube for you:

I won't spoil the story, but it's definitely worth it. For those of you who have seen one of the early trailers of Starcraft 2 from Blizzard, you will probably draw a parallel between the scene where Ironman dons his armor, and the making of a Marine in Starcraft.

The special effects there are absolutely amazing. Hats off to the animators who created that armor-wearing scene. It's VERY well detailed and extremely realistic.

The story line is not what I'd call consistent though. It does follow the comic a bit, but its intensity varies. At the start, it's very fast-paced, then slows down in the middle, and goes fast again near the end, though not as fast as at the beginning.

As conclusion, what I particularly liked about the movie is its soundtrack, the superb special effects, the witty comments from Tony Stark and the great role-playing of the actors.

If you haven't seen the movie, go see it if you have time. If you don't find time, they go find some, and see the movie!

No posts...

I'm really sorry my readers, I'm not having much time to post here, due to exams mainly. Revisions are taking a lot of my time.

Also, as I mentioned previously, I haven't stopped blogging. It's just that I partnered up with Neel and opened GeekScribes.

That's where you'll be finding all my tech-related articles as from now. This site will not be closed down. Instead, I'll use it to post about my personal views, if ever it mattered to anybody. But not for now. Maybe in 1 month, after exams are over. Till then, this blog's updates are frozen. :)

But for now, I don't have enough time, so I'm really sorry for the lack of updates here. I'm doing my best to maintain a good flow of articles on GeekScribes, so check there if you want tech articles.

It was reported by the radio and news earlier today. After today's heavy rainfall, 4 deaths were reported.

A 14-year old schoolgirl perished and her brother is reported missing. They were carried away during a sudden flooding of the road where they were. The body of the brother is still missing apparently.

I don't know about the other 2 deaths yet, and I will update this post as soon as I find anything. Maybe today afternoon after the newspapers write about it.

There is also a report that a 4x4 was carried away by the water, together with its occupants. Again, not much here.

This is what happens when Meteo services do not issue warnings early. Considering the rainfall of this morning, schools should have been closed, but no they were not. The result? The death of a student. As you might expect, the Minister of Education came under direct fire from the public, but as with most of our political people, he diverted the blame to the "Crisis Committee" and "Meteo Services" and "That Meteo Guy" and whatnot. People never shoulder their responsabilities here.

Anyways, there is no school or university today on this 27th of march. Classes are apparently flooded and require cleaning. For now, there is no rain and the weather is very calm. Eerily calm... I suspect rain in the morning though.

The tests scheduled for yesterday and today have been postponed to an ulterior date, and this date has not been communicated yet.

Guess what the Minister said on the radio! Man! That guy needs to learn when to shut up!

"We are concerned about the security of 350,000 students. If one of them dies, we cannot do anything about it."

The expression "STFU man" goes well in here. So? One life is not worth it? One life of a 14-year old? What if 350,000 were votes? And he needed that 1 vote to get elected? Wouldn't he do everything he can to save that 1 vote? Why didn't he save that one life then? Votes are more important than life for our politicians?? Why does he say such things about human life?

That would be all for now. RIP to the people who lost their lives today because of the carelessness of our decision-makers. May they find peace.

Edit: The girl's brother was found alive after a search. He survived the flood's raging waters.

Well, after some serious thoughts, Neelesh and myself are opening a collab-blog to write about tech stuff mostly, and general randomness which you usually find around my blog.

So feel free to check it out at

But this DOES NOT mean that I'm closing down this place! It'll still be open, and I'll still post. And I still need to reach my 100th! But as from now, you will mostly find out about my personal stuff here, while most the tech stuff will be at GeekScribes.

I dunno but maybe I'll post snippets of articles here, and link-back to there, so that you can use both sites. I appreciate suggestions, if you have any, dear readers! :D

For now, I'll leave you and go check what is there.

Arghhh! They do deserve their moniker, these guys! About always making the wrong predictions at the wrong time!!

WTF! I believe it's been raining the volume of water of a lake over my place since this morning. Meteo France says that the tropical cyclone Lola approaches Mauritius, according to the chart below.

And guess what? It's still Class 0, ie. No cyclone warning! WTF are they waiting for? Offices have given their employees early leave today. University of Mauritius is closed tomorrow, thereby saving my sorry soul from a violent FCS test. There are floods reported around Mauritius.

Still, in all their good judgement, Meteo services still haven't issued any warning, or set any class? I think it's high time they review their policies, or just go out of business.

Who knows? Maybe it's time to privatize Meteo services now?

I advise all of you who want better predictions to check Meteo France's site regarding Reunion Island. It's here.

Clicky Clicky on the Pic! :D


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