Arghhh! They do deserve their moniker, these guys! About always making the wrong predictions at the wrong time!!

WTF! I believe it's been raining the volume of water of a lake over my place since this morning. Meteo France says that the tropical cyclone Lola approaches Mauritius, according to the chart below.

And guess what? It's still Class 0, ie. No cyclone warning! WTF are they waiting for? Offices have given their employees early leave today. University of Mauritius is closed tomorrow, thereby saving my sorry soul from a violent FCS test. There are floods reported around Mauritius.

Still, in all their good judgement, Meteo services still haven't issued any warning, or set any class? I think it's high time they review their policies, or just go out of business.

Who knows? Maybe it's time to privatize Meteo services now?

I advise all of you who want better predictions to check Meteo France's site regarding Reunion Island. It's here.

Clicky Clicky on the Pic! :D


  1. carrotmadman6 said...

    Just bcoz there's a depression that doesn't mean we should have a class.

    Actually, the class system is only for cyclones - it can't be used everywhere.
    The best thing they could have done is issued a torrential rain warning... well it turns out frogs can predict better! :P  

  2. carrotmadman6 said...
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  3. carrotmadman6 said...

    Hey, fix your antispam at GeekScribes... it doesn't work. ;)  

  4. InF said...

    Well, they could at least have issued a heavy rain warning. And close schools.

    4 people died today because of their lack of care! :/

    Anyways, what's with the Anti-spam at Geekscribes?  

  5. Anonymous said...


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