Yes. Apparently it is out of beta, as you can see from this Microsoft site.

For now, I do not have any details about what it does, or how stable it is, or even what's new about it. I'll research a bit when I have time, and post the results here. For now, check it out if you are curious.

Edit: I've found a Change Log for SP1. It's quite extensive, and has a number of improvements but not many new features introduced. It also seems that the anti-piracy measures implemented in Vista have been relaxed a bit according to this Washington Post article.


  1. Shah said...

    One of the main annoyances - I want the entire file name (incl. the extension) to be highlighted when I press F2.

    The main reason to use Vista so far (till win server 2k8 license is obtained @ my place) is IIS 7.

    As far as security stuff go - there are 3rd party apps which cater for that. The most appealing stuff about Vista (x64) though - NO AV, just a firewall. (keep it updated)

    (and WOW 3 FT works fine. brb - I now need to play DOTA. hi hi hi)

    Enjoy your day :)  

  2. Shah said...

    check this out:

    now, it's time to harass the hardware companies for drivers. get to your emails. or you can use forked drivers.  

  3. Neelesh said...

    I need to upgrade my pc so that I can get the feel of vista.  


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