It was reported by the radio and news earlier today. After today's heavy rainfall, 4 deaths were reported.

A 14-year old schoolgirl perished and her brother is reported missing. They were carried away during a sudden flooding of the road where they were. The body of the brother is still missing apparently.

I don't know about the other 2 deaths yet, and I will update this post as soon as I find anything. Maybe today afternoon after the newspapers write about it.

There is also a report that a 4x4 was carried away by the water, together with its occupants. Again, not much here.

This is what happens when Meteo services do not issue warnings early. Considering the rainfall of this morning, schools should have been closed, but no they were not. The result? The death of a student. As you might expect, the Minister of Education came under direct fire from the public, but as with most of our political people, he diverted the blame to the "Crisis Committee" and "Meteo Services" and "That Meteo Guy" and whatnot. People never shoulder their responsabilities here.

Anyways, there is no school or university today on this 27th of march. Classes are apparently flooded and require cleaning. For now, there is no rain and the weather is very calm. Eerily calm... I suspect rain in the morning though.

The tests scheduled for yesterday and today have been postponed to an ulterior date, and this date has not been communicated yet.

Guess what the Minister said on the radio! Man! That guy needs to learn when to shut up!

"We are concerned about the security of 350,000 students. If one of them dies, we cannot do anything about it."

The expression "STFU man" goes well in here. So? One life is not worth it? One life of a 14-year old? What if 350,000 were votes? And he needed that 1 vote to get elected? Wouldn't he do everything he can to save that 1 vote? Why didn't he save that one life then? Votes are more important than life for our politicians?? Why does he say such things about human life?

That would be all for now. RIP to the people who lost their lives today because of the carelessness of our decision-makers. May they find peace.

Edit: The girl's brother was found alive after a search. He survived the flood's raging waters.


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