No posts...

I'm really sorry my readers, I'm not having much time to post here, due to exams mainly. Revisions are taking a lot of my time.

Also, as I mentioned previously, I haven't stopped blogging. It's just that I partnered up with Neel and opened GeekScribes.

That's where you'll be finding all my tech-related articles as from now. This site will not be closed down. Instead, I'll use it to post about my personal views, if ever it mattered to anybody. But not for now. Maybe in 1 month, after exams are over. Till then, this blog's updates are frozen. :)

But for now, I don't have enough time, so I'm really sorry for the lack of updates here. I'm doing my best to maintain a good flow of articles on GeekScribes, so check there if you want tech articles.


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