I got tagged by carrotmadman6. Time to answer some questions and find some "victims":

Top 5 quotes/Lines:

- We must become the change we want to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi)
- Anybody who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new (Albert Einstein)
- Damn it! You will have to trust me on that! (24hrs Chrono - Jack Bauer)
- Never disturb your enemy when he is making a mistake (Napoleon Bonaparte)

5 Things I'd Love To Do Before I Die:

- Get myself a 100Mbps/100Mbps or more Internet connection
- Become the proud owner of Alienware factories
- Become the ultimate supreme godlike geek
- Find love (Duh.. :P)
- Turn into a cyborg (Can't die then, eh?)

5 Things I will Not Do Even If It Kills Me:

- Smoke / Drugs
- Buy something from Micro$oft
- Buy Mu$ic, specially Pop
- Turn into a non-geek
- Dislike driving

5 Things I want to Say And Never Will

- Bobster, you really need to turn into a non-geek!
- Microsoft is the really damn best company there ever was!
- I'm a Linux-supporter, but my lappy refuses to run it!
- Geek life makes you GF-less! (Unproven)
- I'm sooo tired of hearing damn mobile ringtones!!

5 Things I Do When I’m Away From The Public

- Blogging (hehehe!)
- What-you-might-think-I-tend-to-do-privately
- Sleep
- Revise / Work / Read
- Swear at my foes / rivals (if required)

5 Things I’ll Make You Wish You Didn’t Do, If You Did

- Take my computer(s) and gadgets away from me
- Deny me of fast Internet
- Intentionally or unintentionally cause me or my family / friends harm
- Ever try to impose things on me
- Try to act overly smart (brag when you don't know a dime)

That'd be it! :P

Now... My next targets will be: Neelesh, Selven, Sundeep, RiverofBliss and Davina


  1. carrotmadman6 said...


    Haha!!! :D
    This had me ROFL!!


  2. InF said...

    Hihihi! Let your imagination roam freeee! :P  

  3. Neelesh said...

    Bobster turning into a non-geek!!! OMG!!!! It would be great to see this radical transformation. LOL. You can get this DELL then  


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