Another great software through Lifehacker!

I've always been looking for a small and simple program that docks to one side of my screen, and acts like an icon-container for my frequently-used icons. I wanted something simple, easy to use, auto-hiding, customizable, light and of course, free.

I've been through loads and loads of these "Launchbar" programs, but every one of them seemed to lack one or another feature from what I wanted. That was until I found a really cool (I mean it, really cool) and useful program called RunMe that allows you to create a customizable (real customizable) sidebar launcher. I mean it, this thing is really powerful! Check the screenshot:

As you can see from above, RunMe is themeable, is dockable on any part of the screen, remembers its dock position, has loads of customizable effects (the Show Delay option is really important, more on that later), and some other options. See above pictures for more details.

RunMe, as seen from the first cap, supports loads of things, including icons, folders (which can be made to act like menus), and other commands, like the Run box. Overall, RunMe is ZOMGly powerful. Try it out for yourself!

The site says WinXP only, but I tested it on Vista and it works fine. No problems till now.

About the Show Delay option: It is the setting that determines for how long the mouse must be held over the side of the screen for RunMe to show. Set it resonably high if ever you dock it on the right side of your screen (like me), else it pops out as soon as you try to access your vertical scroll-bar, which is not nice. Oh yeah, it has Always on Top too! :P

Go try folks! It's malware-less! Or what you might call "safeware", if ever the term exists.. :D



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