DJ Tiesto in Mauritius?

The news might be out, or it might be a rumor. KotZot, and some other blogs report that DJ Tiesto will be in Mauritius!

Sat Dec 15, 2007 at 08:00 pm
Stade Anjalay
Belle Vue

DJ Tiesto is one, if not THE best, trance and techno DJ in the world, and the official ambassador for Dance4Life HIV/AIDS campaign. This guy is simply marvelous! With tunes like Love Comes Again, Forever Today, Elements of Life, He's a Pirate and many many others, this event promises to be huuugggeeee, specially coming from the guy who remixed for the opening ceremony of an Olympics Game!

The price of tickets are as follows:

Standard: Rs. 900 (pre-booked)
Standard: Rs.1100 (at door)
VIP: Rs.1800

EDIT: This is no longer a rumor. The event is listed on Tiesto's Site. YESSSSS!


  1. Dj mic said...

    Its true he is in Mauritius on the 15 Dec 2007... its going to be a big event.. link is below where i found the event.  


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