According to reports from the African Press Agency, from 2008 all Mauritian homes will be able to connect to the internet via a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network being proposed by United Communications Limited (UCL). The company has reportedly presented a USD318 million two-phase project, dubbed Mauritius FiberNet, to the country’s ICT minister, Etienne Sinatambou, which it claims will make Mauritius a ‘pioneer of such infrastructure among island states’. The rollout will require the deployment of some 2,200km of optical fibre and will provide internet access at speeds of up to 1Gbps, a UCL engineer said. The company is looking for financial support from the government, local banks and businesses to realise the project and is offering them an equity stake in the new venture by way of enticement. Source
Now this is what I'd be calling major news! My friend Neelesh was mentioning this article to me and I found it hard to believe it. After some short googling, I came to this article. Dated 16th Aug 2007. However, it's only now that I find it being mentioned. As always, blame it on bureaucracy and red-tapism of our beloved government.

FTTH people! FTTH!! FTTH!!! What the hell is FTTH? It means Fibre To The Home! What does this mean? Fibre optic cables to your home people, allowing gigabit connection speeds!! This is a major roxorz news! No word on pricing yet, and no word about any progress in the project. If this realises, it will be a M.A.J.O.R leap for our lagging IT industry, albeit accompanied by a tremendous boom in piracy. Who cares! I need more Internet speed! I'm so damn tired of seeing my downloads going at 5-10K during the day, and getting peaks of 55K at 3am! WTF!

The project has been introduced by UCL (United Communications Limited), and apparently, the project lies on the table of our IT Minister, Etienne Sinatambou. Let's hope he can make wise judgements! For now, enjoy your laggy connections. 2008 is near, and if this project is completed, I swear, I'll turn into a true believer!

Also, This Is Mauritius has a very interesting article about "suckband". Check it out! :)

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  1. $€|v3n said...

    Etienne sinatambou li emmerveilleu par tou zaffer meme li, so liziE meme paret couma dir li en emmerveillement continue.

    sa boug la li pa digne etre ministre informatik.

    Enfin, kan dir next year dans moris, sa v dir normalement 5 years later :p i.e bandwidth related.  

  2. carrotmadman6 said...

    Yeah, i've been following the FTTH news since quite a long time...
    & i even did some calculations. If the project was to be profitable (i.e. they get their investment in 5 years), their basic connection would be sold at around Rs. 1200 or less. :D

    Let's pray this dream will come true. I wouldn't mind a 1 Mbps unltd connection & no doubt the "local" connection will be around 100 Mbps!! :D

    check this in the meantime..
    maybe i should edit it & add UCL's future prospects! :P  

  3. InF said...

    Lol @ Selven, but what you said is sooo very true! :P

    And carrot, Rs.1200 for a 1Mbps is not bad at all, considering I'm paying Rs.1860 for "half" the speed. It's actually much worse than half, but let's assume it's an Utopia! :D

    And for that 100Mbps connection local, it'd be just WOW! Let's hope they do it fast!  


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