Beryl + Compiz = OMFG!

I've already mentioned about Beryl in an earlier post, when I made a comparison of Beryl v/s Aero, and IMHO, the open-source/free Beryl won fair and square, and by VERY far!

Now, what happens when you fuse Beryl with Compiz?? In one word: OMFGWTFZOMG!!!

If you want to know why, check below:

It's just a newborn, so be gentle and give it time to grow. It might be just eye candy, but I found some pretty cool uses for Beryl over the time. Check down for just a sample.

What is Beryl?? Here! To make things just a bit simpler, it's a window manager for Linux, which essentially gives you loads of cool effects to water your eyes on, like the infamous "wobbly windows" that make your windows behave like gelatin. Ok, it might not be pretty useful, but some of the effects are. Eg. the window transparency. Vista's Aero gives you title-bar transparency, Beryl gives you whole window transparency! If ever you need to read from one window, and type in another, just set the one you are typing on as semi-transparent. Then, you can "see-thru" your active window, and read what's underneath! Pretty cool and useful.

I leave you here. Go enjoy the video, and see for yourself if open-source can beat paid-software... More videos.


  1. carrotmadman6 said...

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. :P

    You've got a great blog with superb posts - especially your experience with the different OSes.
    (You are also making me regret not installing uBuntu! - The only reason i didn't install was bcoz it's a real pain to go looking out for all those old drivers...)

    Btw, i just wanted to point out that you can do the same tranparency thing on XP with Windowblinds 6. However, since we are talking of Windows here, it's a big resource hog. :P
    For the see-through, i do remember there was an app to do the full transparency...  

  2. InF said...

    Thanks for reading and comment.

    I have added you to my links too.

    I know about the transparency effects under windows, and have used them myself under XP. However, I still have to find a freeware to do it under Vista. But even under XP, it didn't work reliably.

    What I did was setting transparency on my messenger, and set it as always on top. Then I could chat and follow the discussions while working! :)  


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