My pal (Robby/Bobby) got his laptop with Vista on it, and we were checking out the User Interface (UI). The 3d desktop is amazing, allowing you (with ALT+TAB) to view the contents of several windows at the same time.

This is just one of the features of the new Aero interface that still eats around 512MB RAM. Other features include a mini-preview when you pause your cursor on a taskbar item, allowing you to view the contents of the window. I was certainly amazed by the new Aero. The problem is that the people at MSoft noobified the panels a bit, sometimes so much that they are totally different from XP at first sight. One example would be the Manage Network Connections, which allows you to see which connections you have on your computer... (In XP, Start -> Control Panel -> Network connections). It's really, really different.. Most of the stuff in Vista is like that!

Now, while browsing I saw a video of the Beryl interface which runs on Linux. And there is just one thing to say...


Anyways, see for yourself, and select the winner of Aero v.s Beryl, aka. The Epic Battle of Linux v.s Windows! Enjoy!
P.s. See the end of the video too! Courtesy of MSoft... :D

And another Beryl video for your enjoyment. Couldn't find interesting Aero's, but this one is really nice!



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