Yep! I was casually checking news sites and stuff when I encountered this cool article. Apparently, Elcomsoft came up with a software that exploits the massive powers of parallel processing of the new GPUs on the market for password cracking!

It's not unheard of password crackers, but a GPU-based password cracker? That's new for me.

GPU = Graphics Processing Unit, aka your Graphics Card, Geforce, ATI or whatever.

It boasts fast speeds, breaking complex NTLM-based (Vista) passwords in days v.s months previously. It can crack simple passwords in minutes apparently.

I've not tested it personally, but give it a try if you want. Check it out here..


  1. carrotmadman6 said...

    Yeah, saw that article somewhere. (Engadget i think?)
    At the current trend GPUs are getting more powerful than CPUs!
    & this brings up the question whether in the future the GPU can't be used as yet another parallel processor for normal processing. Think of making 2-in-1 processors!

    I bet Intel may be developing that project somewhere... :D  

  2. InF said...

    Although we already have 2-in-1 processors (these are called Dual Cores :P), it's a nice idea. I have one question.. If GPUs can be that powerful, why aren't main processors as powerful yet?? :s  


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