Where's the template??

Title says it all. In an attempt to "enhance" my template, I completely killed it. Font size became minuscule, header spacing and colors got distorted. In short, it was as if I could see a blog straight out of hell! :s

I am trying to customize a new template, and as soon as it is up, Infinity's Spot will have it. But god! IT TAKES LOTS OF TIME!

Among a mess of CSS tags, cryptic color codes like #333 meaning Dark Gray, I am striving to get this template look as I want.

For now? I'm sticking with a classic template. Too bad for me.

That's all for now. I'm currently working, so I'm not so free to work on my computer. Life's tough.


  1. ...TeAr Of PeArL... said...

    infi ..can u fini u fer 1 template pou moi dax la :P btw nice blog u got here ;)  


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