HELLISH!! That's how I'd term the process! Yea yea, I can apt-get or synaptic or adept and it's so easy, right? How the hell do I do apt-get or synaptic or adept WITHOUT internet?? Hmmm...

Well, the situation cropped up since I have an USB ADSL modem. I know, I should be using an ethernet modem! But I have to do with what I have at hand! And I took it as a challenge... That I'd setup my modem like a big boy, without assistance! DAMN! That was the worst thing I ever tried! Manual Install!

I went to Ubuntu's wiki to know how to install an USB ADSL modem. I've got a Sagem F@st 800 and (fortunately) the instructions were there. Mind you, I spent one whole day trying to get this thing to work! And I kinda went wrong some times... na MANY times!

The process started with getting the essential driver files, an Eagle-USB package. Simple enough. Now, there were 7-8 versions, and since I'm lazy I took the one with the smallest file size (grave mistake #1!). It didn't work. Why? Because I had to compile the driver.

Here comes the worst part: Dependencies Hell. Linux manual install is not something I'd wish to my worst enemy. I needed the build-essential and linux-headers packages from "http://packages.ubuntu.com" . I downloaded them and installed them (right-click - Kubuntu package - Install). Immediately, I got "Dependencies Missing" errors. Then I saw something... that those packages had Dependencies, and worst of all, that these dependencies had...dependencies which had dependencies which had dependencies!!! NESTED DEPENDENCIES! OMG! I downloaded and downloaded! Finally, I had like 30 dependencies files on my hands! I sent all to my USB Pendrive (which Kubuntu recognizes on plugin, great!). I started installing the first package dependency, a .deb package. It said I had not installed another dependency. They chained and chained!

This was really hell! In fact, several times, I had to use my main pc to go on Internet, fetch additional dependencies, send to Pendrive then copy to Laptop!

"Dependencies not found", "XYZ not installed", "ABC not configured", "LMN could not be found" were common errors. And after lots of experimentation, and I really mean LOTS of experimentation, I finally got the build-essential and linux-headers to install!

I moved on to compiling my driver. It didn't work since I had misread (grave mistake #2) the instructions and got the wrong package and I was doing the instructions for Edgy Eft while I had Dapper Drake (grave mistake #3) I had to go back, download the correct package, send to Pendrive, copy to laptop and try again. Tiring... And that doesn't include setting permissions on the folders required to extract the Tarball contents for the driver. Chmod through konsole etc etc then re-chmod to set the permissions back to default! Phewww!

Finally, I found "https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsbAdslModem/EagleUsb" and followed the instructions strictly, uninstalling everything I had installed and reversing all changes (and in the process, uninstalling build-essentials! More Dependencies Hell - grave mistake #4).

After lots of fiddling, I was able to get the modem up and running. And I was able to connect to the internet... YAAAAYYY! And I had done a manual install all by myself, at least for the dependencies. I'm not gonna do that again anytime soon! NO WAY! Now I shall adept! I hope...

I tested browsing with Konqueror and chatted a bit with Kopete. Both worked fine. And a ping to google returned positive results. So everything was working fine. Just that... to start the connection: Open console, then sudo startadsl. This is kinda... difficult... considering the double-click I used to do on Windows...

Conclusion: Read the instructions damn well! That's all there was to it! And don't be lazy!

P.s. I'd highly recommend these links to people who have Sagem F@st 800:



However, try at your own risk! I do not take responsability for what you do after you read this post, and any consequences of your actions! :P


  1. _яιVєя σƒ в|ιss_ said...

    hmm i guess uve done a real good work with ur laptop! [can it b mine?] true that i dnt understand half of it.. :( but still it inspired me to read a bit on these geeky terms.. mayB if i did computing main i cud understand a bit more.. but un4tun8ly..

    nywz keep posting! :P like i said i know wer to find intersting fings to learn as long as u post! :P  

  2. vijux said...

    if am able to understand 1/2 of dat..i change my name :s nice work inf..  


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