Yea, I know, I'm great... I managed to crash Kubuntu! LOL!
Anyways, it's true. I crashed my KDE. Don't ask me how, I don't know. I was quietly (ok not so quietly, feverishly perhaps) trying to configure Samba to allow sharing with my WinXP box, with lots of kdesu's and sudo's, but finally, everything went kaboom and Kcmshell crashed. I restarted the session, no result. Restarted the laptop, no result. Kcmshell, at least the kdenetwork-filesharing module was dead. Now what? I had to reinstall Kubuntu, and lose my 1/2 day of modem driver installation! OMG! Damn it! But there wasn't any other solution, as far as I knew... Also, I was successful in setting up Internet Sharing between Kubuntu and WinXP. It was quite easy, just setting up gateways and configuring the static IPs, nothing great. I was about to lose that too... Too bad.

So I proceeded with the reinstall. Sent Kubuntu to the CD-Drive, changed the boot sequence and next, I was into LiveCD mode. I reinstalled the whole thing, and formatted my existing EXT3 and SWAP partitions. Hopefully, the config* I used allowed me to preserve my files on WinXP and my Files partition. Remember, I had dual-booted WinXP SP2 and Kubuntu on laptop.

The reinstall was fast (15 mins) and the desktop was back. Now, something great happened. I don't know how, but it seems Kubuntu had already configured my NIC via DHCP, granting it an IP and had already set my gateway and workgroup settings! Now that was really fantastic!

Now, I just had to reinstall my modem driver. The idea of using Internet Sharing didn't occur to me when I first installed the driver manually. Now, since Kubuntu had already configured Internet Sharing for me, I could just Adept the essential files, namely Build-Essential and Linux-Headers-. Via Adept, it was real easy since all the dependencies were automatically installed. Then, I just had to compile the driver, configure it and I was able to use my modem! Adept is so cool!

Anyways, Kubuntu is real great in the sense that it configured everything from the moment it saw that my laptop NIC was connected to my pc! Fortunately for me, I hadn't disconnected the LAN cable during installation!

Apparently, it used DCHP, although I didn't use it on my PC. I don't know how it managed to configure the IP of the laptop without a DCHP server. It did it alone? Perhaps...

And yeah, when it configured Internet Sharing automatically, there was a problem with DNS, or name resolution. I could ping IPs but not hostnames. I just had to edit my resolv.conf file and put "nameserver" in there. is the DNS Server of my ISP, which I obtained via an ipconfig -all in WinXP. Everything worked fine after that... Nice nice!

More about my experiences with Kubuntu to come... If I have time!

*File Systems Config (Size Approx.):

--> WinXP = NTFS = 20GB

--> Files = FAT32 = 50GB
--> Kubuntu = EXT3 = 7GB
--> SWAP = 1GB
--> Total = 80GB


  1. Unknown said...

    Wow, sorry for your bad experience! Things like Samba and Internet Sharing are kind of on the tricky side.

    I have a bunch of Linux tips on my blogs:

    I doubt you'll find anything specific to this particular situation, but in general I tend to write a lot about Linux.  


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