To tell you, I hate spam! Now, when I see my site ( come under attack from spam bots, this really really annoys me. I had to bring the site down until I have time to mod it to prevent bots from registering.

The mod appears to be simple, requiring 5 mins to install. I hope that this will, once and for all, prevent bots from posting on my site. What do they post? Guess... :/

I'm really tired of seeing such posts on my site, so I'll be doing that mod ASAP.

Sorry Numanga visitors, but I had to bring it down. I hope it'll be back up soon.

Edit: I have applied a mod. It asks random questions from a pool, and any registering user must answer correctly to proceed. Let's hope it works. It took me 10 mins to implement and is called Textual Confirmation. Now I think this will keep spam bots away... Perhaps...



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