300 is DA movie! :D

Yup, that's it! 300, the one in which 300 Spartans fight against 1,000,000 Persians RULZ! I've just seen it at a friend's place!
The actions, and everything else are so impressive that one asks if it was really all done in studio. And the fights are soooooo intense and amazing!

Keep in mind that the movie was mostly done in studio, using CGI techniques and stuff. Even then, it's a real masterpiece, which I highly recommend to cinephiles!

Mind you, if you can't bear the sight of blood, and the mild sex scenes at the beginning, keep off!! Apart from that, that's the greatest fight movie I've seen...
A tragic end... but such a great movie! Check out the trailer! And then? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??! GO SEE 300!


  1. _яιVєя σƒ в|ιss_ said...

    I wanna watch dat movie! ever since i saw the trailor i said it's a must see film! mai pna film la pou linstant.. :(  

  2. Unknown said...

    this IS the best movie
    this is a nice tribute to the great battle of thermopylae..
    spartans were indeed great warriors..
    and i dnt think any other film could've portrayed it this way
    this whole battle actually took place..although the naration has been fantasied..bt this really took place long long long time again
    Long Live Leonidas, Long Live Sparta

  3. InF said...

    Hawoooooo my friend! :D  


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