Some updates

Maybe it's time to post some updates, so here goes:

1) I am victorious on the spam bots till now! The mod I implemented (the one that asks random questions from a pool at registration time) has kept them away till now. If the question is not answered correctly, the registration is rejected. You need to preset the mod with a pool of question and answers before use. At least it has worked till now! Let's hope it continues like that.

2) Kubuntu, at least KDE, has crashed again. I don't know why, but it has stopped at booting. Maybe I am to blame, since I restarted Kubuntu 3 times while it was booting. I probably corrupted some essential KDE files, since all the critical files booted, except KDE refused to load. Kubuntu stuck when the progress bar completed. However, Recovery Mode granted me access to the command-line version of Kubuntu. So the OS was still functional, but without GUI. So I prefered to re-install, losing all my packages, drivers and settings for the 3rd time. That's becoming a problem! Can't they include an option like WinXP to repair the OS without losing your files and drivers? Like reinstalling the critical files on the OS, preserving the user files, settings, programs and drivers?

3) After the reinstall, I was able to configure Samba to recognize and access Windows shares. I finally resorted to put my login name for linux the same as my login for the XP box. Passwords were same too. So perhaps it granted me access more easily. And also, the Samba panel from Kcontrol is a real delight to work with! :D

That would be all for now. Maybe more later...


  1. vijux said...

    uh concerning z loading prob of KDE at booting.. i fink its KDM (KDE display manager wich will giv access to the different window managers installed) dats nt working.. u cud hav tried to start z xserver directly frm command line by the command " start x ". It starts the default window manger (in ur case i suppose its KDE) manually or install another Display manager lik XGM or GDM.. me 2 had dat prob wid Xubuntu's GDM.. if u dnt want to boot in single user-mode evrytime, jus install another display manager wen KDM crashes.. no need to reinstall evryfing.. or if u luv ur KDM too much, u cn try reconfigure it by using,

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure KDM

    or reinstall by using,
    sudo aptitude reinstall KDM

    bt nyway dunno if am on z right track :P  

  2. InF said...

    Hmm I don't think that was it. The thing that crashed (for the 2nd time) was Kcmshell. I don't know if it was related to KDM. Anyways, I tried re-installing the whole of KDE, and it failed. During booting, something like Periodic Command had failed. And it kept failing. Don't know if it was related. And since it was a fairly new Kubuntu install, I prefered to reinstall.  

  3. vijux said...

    ah dak.. so i'd say (as usual..) xubuntu rulz! :P :P lol Lol!  


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