Year 2007: The Review

Hello reader! 2007 is about to end, and MBB wanted a theme (Theme #4) about the end, so here is my contribution. Thought it might be a good idea to review the year from my point of view, and talk about things that marked this interesting year, alas with a bloody ending.

For me, 2007 started on a good tune, with my HSC coming to an end, and results being announced. Not bad actually, those Aaa and BB. I kinda sux in Maths and Physics sooo.. :/

Nothing much after that. The long months of holidays, doing nothing, unless spending 12+ hrs per day on a computer can be considered to be an "activity". I think my mom didn't consider it to be, so I was "motivated" to go for N+ and S+ courses. Was nice, specially after some friends and myself accidentally wrecked havoc there! I think I'm officially banned from bringing a laptop now! :( Those were nice. Very nice. The teacher, Ikhlass was fun! Miss those times! Sorely miss them. :(

After that? Uni! That was the best! A totally new experience for me, and totally worth it. New friends, new faces, new poke victims, new things to learn. Niiiceee! The only thing I complain about is that I have too much free time during the day. Why can't all the courses be crammed in morning, leaving afternoon free? This remains to be answered.

Basically, this was my year. Nothing so great after all. Now, how did the world change in 2007? If I could resume it all in one idea, I'd say that 2007 was just a bloody year. Call me a pessimist or negative person, but it was the truth. Want proofs?

Virginia Tech Massacre. Iraq war. Assination of Mrs. Benazir Bhutto. Oh yes, it has been a bloody year for most of it. War. Bloodshed. Terrorism. Violence. Suicide-bomber. Those might be the most used words in the news in 2007 IMHO. The pictures down can only remind us of the violence we came to face in 2007. A bloody year indeed.

The year is going to end in the world mourning the death of a woman. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated less than a week before the year ends, on the 27th December of the bloody 2007. I personally think that killing a woman, defenseless at that, can simply be called inhuman.

However, the year also had its positive sides. Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for his priceless work on climate change, and his movie which is a real eye-opener, and is a must-watch.

We also saw the coming of the much hyped device from Apple, the Iphone. It might not be the gadget of the century, but that small thing surely packs enough power to satisfy most users in performing usual tasks.

Another happening that surely got much media coverage was the Digg revolt, whereby users posted the famous "Numbers" related to HD-DVD encryption, and this line came "You'd rather see Digg go down fighting than bow down to a bigger company." That should indeed be a clear sign that big companies can't simply mess with customers as they see fit.

After a while, we finally got to see the end of the Harry Potter series. Not much of a big event, but still, it reaped some millions to Rowling. So it's worth mentioning.

I dunno what more I can say. These events are those that marked my year, and I'd be glad to hear what marked yours! So? Comments appreciated! :P


  1. MBB said...

    That's a really thorough review of the major events in 2007 both for the world and for your personal life. The recent death of Mrs. Bhutto has really marked me. :S  

  2. Roushdat ! said...

    The year 2007 was a dark year...and according to me 2008, won't be need to watch the stars and planetary positions to deduce that :( unfortunately....  

  3. morinn said...

    hehe! harry potter was definitely an event for me! worth mentioning! c vrai! :P  

  4. Anonymous said...

    Tone fer moi rapelle ki moi aussi mo ti gagne mo result HSC & in spend 12 hours lor pc everyday LOL

    Sauf ki mone trouve nek B's lor mo result :(

    Et Uni aussi ti top, sauf ki 2008 pou commencer avek mo resulta Uni :S

    Lor international scene si tant ti ena attentat ki mone habituer tende sa banne news la, et assasinat Benazir Bhutto pa in shock moi, acoz mo ti expect sa premier jour ki li annonce so candidature.

    Iphone la ene bebette sa :P

    Justement sa l'année la mone perdi motivation ki mo ti ena pou lire Harry Potter...astére mo form parti banne ki p attanne film la :P

    Bonne Année 2008 :D  

  5. InF said...

    Thank you, readers! :P

    And a Happy New Year 2008 to you all! :D

    May it be less bloody and more fun this time,  


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