Happy Xmas! :P

Right! It's THAT time of the year... you know... pine trees, snow, twinkling lights, fireworks, GIFTS! It's:

Christmas Time! :P

I'm sure many of you have already chopped their tree, or bought their plastic thingy one, and have already filled it up with twinkling, shining, roundish and spikish stuff which makes it all pleasant to see. Why all the effort? Come on! I'm sure it's because of the gifts that will be placed at its foot. This plant deserves special attention IMHO. Maybe some of you have even readied their:


Ok, I don't put up socks 'cuz I don't want my gifts being restrained by the size of the sock! Lol.

Anyways, I'm sure good old Santa Claus is riding to your place a-la Ghost Rider style, sky flaming snowing, along with the rocking music and beard flapping in the wind. Vrooom! (I don't know what sound reindeers make)

Check out the "ride"! :P

So I think you will find

gifts under the tree tonight! What are you expecting?

Gentlemen might be expecting something like this:

Wonder if it fits under the tree...

While ladies might be looking for this:

Twinkling lights! Where does Santa get the $$?

While the bad kids can only expect to see this:

Coal, folks!


Oh yes! Anybody who knows me, knows that I love these! I just hope there is no void in there! :P

Anyways, on this note, I wish you, dear reader


and hope that you get what you wish tonight, whatever it may be, physical, material or emotional. Santa is here, time to make a move.

Inf has booby-trapped his place with motion sensors, lasers, homing cameras, alarm systems, trapdoors, cages and other stuff. I'm gonna catch the one who leaves things in my room for Christmas! Come'on Santa! Try evading me this time (even if you did for the last few 20ish years)...



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