One of my contacts on MSN sent me a link:

I immediately thought it was some kind of spamming program that sends its links to the person's contacts.

Being curious, I went to the link and saw it redirected to

As soon as I saw this site, I knew there was something wrong with it. I didn't even bother to test it.

According to me, this site is a SCAM SITE / Spam Harvester that will phish for your msn account and get your email address to spam you. I really think this is a phishing site that's after your username and password.

I will NOT advise using this site, putting in your login name and password. If you have been a victim, it's important to change your password as soon as possible.

AFAIK, there is NO sure way to know who blocked you on MSN, and site like these will NOT help. DO NOT input your credentials (username, password, or personal details) on sites you are not sure of.

More info here:

Peter Bromberg's Blog
Whirlpool Forums


  1. Neelesh said...

    That's obvious it is harvest your personal details. There are many fools on the net. :P  

  2. InF said...

    And many yet to fall for it, although I wouldn't call them fools, maybe newbs. Or people who don't know what they are doing. :P  

  3. Unknown said...

    it stated explicitly in its Term of if you read the TOS carefully you won't fall into it.  

  4. InF said...

    Nice find Kevin! I rarely bother to read ToS extensively. Here it is:


    .NET Passport Policy: By using this service you optin receiving email advertising from Your messenger contacts will receive an advertising message from you when you use this service.

    Copyright: All content including Text & Images are the property of Windows, MSN and MSN Messenger are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. AOL and AIM are registered trademarks of America Online, Inc. ICQ is a registered mark of ICQ, Inc. Yahoo is a service mark of Yahoo. THIS SITE IS NOT AFFILIATED IN ANY WAY WITH MICROSOFT CORPORATION, AMERICA ONLINE, ICQ OR YAHOO.

    Disclaimer: We do not take any responsibility for any error or omission by or Third Parties. And we are not responsible for any damage caused by anyone using our tools or directly by our tools.


  5. Jamie Boyle said...

    Block Delete is definitly trouble for MSN users. It is definitely a phishing website that will get your credentials and if people fall for this scam they NEED TO CHANGE PASSWORD right away.

    This scam is definitely getting around with almost 44,000 unique hits a month from the US that block delete gets. Crazy!

    Definitely a scam that people should stay away from. Also never input information on 3rd party websites, most likely phishing websites.


    Jamie Boyle
    Block Delete Scam Alert  


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