Via Engadget:

Remember that blisteringly fast channel bonding modem Comcast showed off earlier this year? Turns out that the firm's CEO is apparently aiming to roll out internet services that can reach up to 160Mbps down / 120Mbps up sometime in 2008. As in, next year. In a recent interview with Fortune, Brian Roberts stated that service based on DOCSIS 3.0 technology would start "rolling out" sometime in 2008, and casually noted that it should provide "more than enough bandwidth to do multiplayer online gaming." Additionally, Cable Digital News explains that the firm has plans to cover some 20-percent of its footprint with the uber-quick service before 2009, and while we're left to guess what areas will be covered, we'd bet locales fetching FiOS could entertain some competition. Granted, we've still got aways to go before we can go toe-to-toe with a certain Swede, but we'll take any progress we can get.
Only three words comes to my mind: WTF OMFG WOW!

But that's sooo friggin awesome!! 160 friggin Mbps DOWNLOAD! 120Mbps UPLOAD! That's even faster than 100BaseTX LAN!! That means a damn maximum of 20MBps down and 15MBps up. That's the theoretical maximum, but it's still awesome. Even 10MB/5MB would be bliss!

In comparison: You'll a full 4.5GB DVD of your aXXo rip Linux Distro in like 70 seconds considering 10MB down. 1 minute. That's all.

And that would be in.... 2008. Next month. NEXT MONTH IS 2008! That's not 2009. Not 2018. It's 2008!

Now, imagine 160Mbps in Mauritius. Right... 2098. Nothing before! Till then, enjoy your crappy bandwidth that sux, like Avinash Meetoo says. :P

Note: It's not bad enough yet. 160Mbps is nothing. We need THIS!


  1. carrotmadman6 said...

    160 Mbps in Mauritius?? Maybe when man will land on Pluto then...

    & you won't be downloading aXXo rips with this connected anymore ... but HD (BD/HD-DVD) 1080p rips... ;)  

  2. $€|v3n said...

    lmao, don't dream like that you'll end up committing suicide!  

  3. InF said...

    Hahahaha! Lmao! Carrot is absolutely right.. But I think it'll be like man landing on something much much much more far away than pluto.. say one of these extra-solar planets light-years away! :P

    "lmao, don't dream like that you'll end up committing suicide!"

    that or maybe go where I can get 160Mbps! :P  

  4. Neelesh said...

    Mauritius is the paradise island. We have the right to dream about it dude. Telecom far too young to provide such a connection.  


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