The new year is here folks! So I will use this post to wish you, guys and gals, humans and aliens and whomever/whatever you are:


May your wishes be fulfilled, and that you are met with prosperity!
That your path be lit by an unerring light.
And that you have success in whatever you do.

As with every year, we got some "new year resolutions" so I thought I might post my top #5, though I doubt that only 1-2 will be fulfilled! It's good to hope, I heard! :P

#1 = Become more creative in things I do.
#2 = Become less addicted to computers. (I'm a technoholic)
#3 = Find somebody for myself. (A geekette?)
#4 = Learn a music instrument // Sleep earlier. No more online at 3am. (Tie)
#5 = Develop a more outgoing personality.

As always comments appreciated, and I'd like to know what your resolutions are! :P


  1. carrotmadman6 said...

    Happy New Year!

    i've got only 1 resolution... work harder than ever at the Uni. :P  


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