I just saw that message today! http://www.rapidshare.com is DOWN!

There are rumors that rapidshare has been closed down due to a court order. There are also rumors that there have been attacks on RS' servers.

Whatever it is, if it goes down forever, it will make a huge hole on the Internet, considering how full RS servers are of content.

I think there must be some kind of DNS or domain-related problem. Or maybe they did receive an attack... Who knows. We can just wait and see.

For the time being, Rapidshare.de is up. One thing to note on RS.de is that the limit has been increased to 300MB. I think previously it was 100MB max upload size.

Maybe this outage is because RS are upgrading?

Another funny thing to note is that, at the time of writing, there was no "Rapidshare is down" on Digg. There was, but not with thousands of diggs. More like 2-3 diggs Wonder why.. :P

EDIT: Rapidshare.com is back up after less than a day of downtime. And no, there was no apparent upgrades. The file-size limit on rapidshare.com is still 100MB. The real reason of the downtime is unknown for now.

EDIT 2: @2h20am: Rapidshare is having issues again. I seem to be able to access and it seems to be down at other times, but after a while, I get the "Cannot establish a connection to server" message. I really think they are getting problems with their DNS now...

EDIT 3: It's back up now, stable and running. :)


  1. Shah said...

    From the site: "Update: Rapidshare back online."
    Yep, it's back.
    However, to be honest, it should indeed be shut down. Despite the efforts to remove files which do not abide to the TOS, many are still being hosted. Instead of going after facebook, RS being shutdown in Mauritius would be a blessing, forcing many to go after torrent, causing a slowdown in traffic, forcing major ISPs to increase the bandwidth, or block P2P which will cause havoc ('coz Mauritians are 'pussies' most of the time.)
    W007 to those who are not using rapidshare to upload or download pirated files, or porn.
    Oh well, nobody like alternatives, I guess.  

  2. carrotmadman6 said...

    As of 19 January 2008 16:00 GMT, Rapidshare's servers appear to be offline. There are rumors that Rapidshare has been shut down by the authorities after a court order, however, court records do not reveal any issued Rapidshare court order as of yet. Rapidshare technician Steven Gircham has commented on this issue - "There are rumors concerning attacks made on the Rapidshare.com servers. There are also rumors that Rapidshare has been shut down by a court order. These rumors are false. We would like to apologize to our users and inform them that no data has been lost. There have been some hardware issues as a result of high bandwidth and server overload. We are doing our very best to resolve the hardware issues, and users should expect uptime by midnight tonight (GMT)"

    I don't agree wiz u... shutting down RS would be the end of Internet in Mauritius... (the other alternatives will never be good)
    Torrents will never ever work in Mauritius, nor will p2p, so the only ray of light we have is RS.com...
    I can't imagine internet without RS :P  

  3. Shah said...

    LOL - so you are into pirated stuff, aren't you?
    Alternatives are good! One example Miro! (www.getmiro.com) for HD channels. Sure, it doesn't feature the usual TV shows and movies you watch, but there are alternatives to those as well :p

    Rapidshare and others are just file sharing sites, nothing more, nothing less.

    Mauritius = PATHETIC BROADBAND. Rapidshare going down does not affect internet connectivity as such, unless one rejoices at downloading and uploading stuff via the pathetic broadband connections. So, what's so important to get off or in the Rapidshare servers? Enlighten us, please.  

  4. InF said...

    @Shah: Carrot is right. Torrent literally sux in Mauritius. Our uploading is way too slow for us to really make good use of the service. Our ratios are just too low.

    As for alternatives, they are not always worth it. Eg. I dunno about any worthy alternatives for something like Top Gear or Stargate. Show me plz! :P

    And the "pathetic" broadband is all we got and we gotta use that. Unless we go back to the stone-age era of dial-up?  

  5. Shah said...

    It takes 8 hours to download a 400 MB file off internet centrum host. Now, the same file being seeded and shared (30 seeders and 50 peers from all around the world) is downloaded in 12 hours via P2P. The amount of data uploaded: 54 MB.
    The line: 128 KBps Wanadoo ADSL.

    Does the 4 hour matter much?

    You want alternatives to TV shows which you download illegally?!!! Either get some of your friends to buy it off iTunes or buy the DVDs. Those are the altenatives to TV shows.

    By downloading illegal stuff, you're cluttering the bandwidth which is used by others legally and for more important purposes.

    Note: Watch other shows on Miro or stop the warez attitude.

    If you want to post about money issues when it comes to buying stuff, start working man! Get a part-time job or even a full time one, and spare money. You'll it very gratifying to have genuine and legal DVDs. (moreover, SGA in HD is so so good *Drool* as compared to the encodes you may find on torrents and other free file sharing sites.)

    Still, you can have some hope. Check this out: http://torrentfreak.com/politicians-launch-pro-filesharing-campaign-080119/  

  6. InF said...


    [...]If you want to post about money issues when it comes to buying stuff, start working man! Get a part-time job or even a full time one, and spare money.

    [...]buy the DVDs

    Even with working and saving money, buying legal stuff is not always easy for everybody. That is why, in my anti-piracy, I mentioned lowering prices, remember?

    Buying. Easier said than done, when DVDs are either not available, or are priced Rs.1000+  

  7. ahmed waddeyy said...

    gle damn thing abt news abt these important stuffs, there is no news abt this rapidshare un accessible in cnet or any site, and no info, currently the youtube is also having sum streaming problems, and rapidshare.com is not acesssible , i wonder why,i paid few days ago and its not working at all ,  


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