Gula, where are you?

OMG, it's been almost a month since I last blogged! I'm really not finding enough time since Uni started again.. :(

Anyways, something weird happened today. Cyclone Gula was near to Mauritius, even if there was no gust or rain or anything at my place, it was still close. In fact, it was absolute calmness. Just like a normal day.

However, there was a Class 3 alert in the morning? Then? At around 8h, the class 3 was removed? WTF does that mean? The cyclone vanished? The maps do not say so! Then what happened? Check how close that thing was to Mauritius!

What I personally suspect is that there is some kind of political or other kind of pressure to take out that Class 3 so that normal working resumes. What resulted out of this? Massive chaos in the country! Streets were clogged with traffic jams. People were being battered by heavy rain while waiting for their not-arriving bus. In 1 word: chaos. Even Uni resumed at around noon, though I suspect there were only a fistful of students there.

This is the kind of thing that really annoys you. Why did Mauritian meteorological station put Class 3 when it was going to be removed 40 mins afterwards? Plain stupid. This caused most workers in Mauritius to rush to their work-place, causing a huge influx of traffic.

Another weird thing is our Cyclone warning system. We go from Class 1 - Class 2 - Class 3 - Class 4, but afterwards, jump from Class 4 - Class 0 (no cyclone)... That's just abnormal. Imho, we should regress back from 4-3-2-1 then zero. It can't just jump like that. This system would also ease up the transition...

Class 4 - Class 3: Emergency services operate and started cleaning up broken branches and wires and all the mess.
Class 3 - Class 2: Workers go back to check their workplace
Class 2 - Class 1: Students resume school
Class 1 - Class 0: Cyclone is no longer a risk.

This system makes a better sense to me, than just jumping from 4 to 0.

Anyways, today was just plain LoL seeing the mess meteo caused! Pity the folks who got out of their homes only to get wet.


  1. morinn said...

    Yeah I thought it was some kind of political pressure too. We would be losing 1 working day today because of the public holiday, I guess enterprise owners could not lose 2 whole days. Yup but the result of this was chaotic.  

  2. carrotmadman6 said...

    Instead on political pressure, the weather stats plainly scream the incompetency of Meteo Station...

    I've been following Gula on meteo france since quite a few days & everything was pointing out that it was weakening... :|  

  3. Shah said...

    I don't want to be the devil's advocate but yesterday being a work day was very beneficial. There are deadlines and off-country companies outsourcing their dev. jobs here don't care about cyclones.
    I do agree though - there should have been a class 2, not 3. The decrease in threat level should have gone smoothly.
    Oh well, Gula is away and viva the occasional rain. Meteo Vacoas sucks!  

  4. Shah said...

    From le matinal:

    "J'assume pleinement mes responsabilités", soutient-il au Matinal, qui l'interrogeait alors qu'il se trouvait dans les locaux du Prime Minister's Office dans la matinée de jeudi. Il affirme être "confiant d'avoir pris les bonnes décisions pour ne pas tenir l'économie du pays en otage".  

  5. InF said...

    Apparently, we now have confirmation:

    "Our politicians are able to make a cyclone change course!"


    Either that, or our Meteo services really su(k! Meteo France said it was weakening, so they could have kept the Class 2 on Thursday instead of putting Class 0 cuz there was indeed some isolated gusts and heavy rain..  

  6. Neelesh said...

    The rain has been beneficial. As for me, I got 5 days of holidays :p

    Gula you rock.  

  7. Yashvin said...

    gula vini gula aller, meteo morice ine passe pu rasgulla!



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