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I was reading the Scope Magazine of 21-27 March when I encountered an interesting article about Case and PC modding. It was entitled PC turning or something like that. They had quite a story there, and well documented if you ask me.

Before we proceed, you may ask what is modding (modifying)? It's customizing one's computer. Depending on your tastes, you may limit yourself at software, changing your wallpapers and stuff. But if you want to go furthur, there is Shell Customization, OS changeover and things like that. And for the really passionate, there is Hardware Customization. Now this is what the article was talking about. Hardware Customization, or modding, is changing the appearance and parts inside your computer. You might add a fan, add a blowhole, cut a window in your side panel or if you are really talented, do your own overhaul, and custom every part you see fit to do. Note that in doing so, you can be sure of voiding the warranty of lots of stuff. Here's an example of modding:

You can turn something like this:

into this:

Now, some are truly passionate and could turn a computer into this:

And yes, it's a computer. Modeled after a bomb from the 24hrs series.

The problem is, we usually don't have quality tuning parts in Mauritius. If you go to UK, there is PC World, literally a Computer Supermarket. Here, we don't have such things. So we gotta mod our boxes with the tools at hand. Don't expect a Dremel to be available. You'll have to work with a drill and a hack saw. Nevertheless, it might be fun if you like DIY.

I've never tried my hand at modding, so I can't tell you if it's fun or safe or anything. However there are some good sites that can guide you. If you google something like "computer modding" or "case modding", you might come up with something that could satisfy your curiosity.

Modding is not limited to the computer case. You could mod your keyboard or mouse by adding some LEDs. You could mod your hard-disk by cutting a window in its outer case (RISKY!). It's just up to you, your creativity and your patience. Hell, you could even hammer out your case and produce something absolutely strange. (Somebody even made his case look like a motorcycle seat!).

Conclusion? It might be fun but it's risky. I saw that article in Scope and said I could blog something about it. That article is a nice read for people who don't know about modding. But the problem, as I stated earlier, is the lack of parts and tools available in Mauritius.. Too bad. It might have been a fun past-time for me! :P



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