Bleach 119 (Team Zaraki's secret story) is out, and it's a filler. Yes, it's a filler since these scenes are not seen in the manga. It's just one episode, because we see the main story resume at the end. We are told of the past of Ikkaku, Yumichika and Zaraki, and how they started their careers as Shinigami.

What was even more surprising is that Renji was taught by...Ikkaku! :P

But what's really worth seeing in this episode is the look Zaraki had back then. Now, we all know how cool or badass or Zaraki is. But the way he looked back then is even better! Makes him more...untamed and savage. And yeah, no eye-patch! :s

Here is our guy. Way to go Zaraki-taicho!

P.s. Be sure to check the Shinigami Golden Cup too! Next episode's Golden Cup promises :P



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