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This is my second post here, and I thought... Maybe it's time to introduce myself a bit more... So here goes:

Infinity. That's my nick. Why? Don't ask! There is a meaning to it just in case you are asking. I'm giving no definite details, except that it related to the Infinity symbol. :P Go figure!

Now, I'm a student. Just completed my secondary education and should be moving to university now. Been a long but interesting journey! I made my first steps at Bethlehem pre-primary school on Edith Cavell street. I don't have many memories of the place. I was too young then...

After that, I moved on to Raoul Rivet govt. school which is one street after Bethlehem! There, I spent 6 years, playing "football" with a tennis ball ("Boule cass cote"), or with a plastic juice bottle filled with paper. We avoided plastic bottles because getting a hit on the head, with the cap pointing in hurts like hell! Raoul Rivet was fun. First class (1st) was LOL! But everybody was crying around me... I worked with Mr.Khoodruth in my last years there. Before that was Mrs. Mungra. In between, I don't remember! :s We spent all our times playing, or sitting under the mango trees in the backyard! Was fun! The long games of "mayer" among the students were always fun... but often resulted in cries! Then came the thing called CPE! The final year, 6th, we were all stressed to our limits. The stress comes from 5th class, on to the 6th! Believe me, for young kids of barely 10 years of age, it is kinda hard! The revision, parent pressure, teacher aspirations and everything else was ENORMOUS! That was some dark times. Revising till late at night, etc etc. Results came soon enough, and my hard works were rewarded. I got a seat at JKC college, ever so notorious for being a lair of "fouter-desordres", or trouble-makers.

There too, my first steps there were good, but somewhat strange. Knowing that JKC had a name for harbouring trouble-makers, I was somewhat reticent. Thinking, "Ban la pu faire dominaire ar moi", or that there will be ragging! In fact, there was hardly any! The older pupils somewhat welcomed the young ones! (Perhaps they thought we were mascots? Or plush toys?)... Anyways... JKC too was fun. The Form1-3 were the eternal football matches and bearing with the load of around 13 subjects, including Science, Arts, Technical studies, Commerce, Social studies and Computing. The latter was always my fav! Then came the dreaded SC period. Endless periods of revision, of past exam papers worked, of questions asked and of swearings earned! The exam came. The first major exam in a student's life. Indeed, there was some apprehension, and lots (i mean LOTS) of trying to estimate what result we would get. Again, it went well, and results came.

Now, since JKC was kinda far from my home, I chose to go to RCPL. I can say one thing about RCPL: I spend my most memorable years there! RCPL is fantastic. It's not a college! It's more like a home. Students would be the children, older students would be brothers. And teachers? They would be... no not parents! They would be bigger brothers and sisters!

I've never seen that level of student-teacher interaction in any other school! The environment itself is different, compelling a student to give the best of his potential. It was truly a magical place (in front of a graveyard) I entered RCPL, and was soon made member of the student council. Then, I got the opportunity to work on the RCPL magazine 2006, which enabled me to polish my skills on graphic designing, and being witness to the abominable cute smile of Ameel! :D

Again, exams came bringing along its load of stress, and apprehension. Again, all went well (ok not *that* well). But still, my 2 years at RCPL were really fantastic. The administration, teachers and students often work as one entity, and students are allowed/encouraged to take up initiatives like organizing things. (Like the IT Day in Upper Six). Even if we spent most of our time escaping, or to quote our rector, "SHIRKING CLASSES"!!!

Now a new level is about to start, and I took the opportunity to start a blog before. This level is called Tertiary Education, or University Life! I've got no idea of how it will be... Let's hope it will be great and fun! :D

And on those lines, I will be forever grateful to all of my teachers, school, tuition, private and others. My parents were also my teachers, so my extended gratitude are with them.

Now.. some after-thoughts. Why is this blog called Infinity-Sama? Well... Sama is a honorific title in Japanese, given to masters and lords. No, I am not narcissic. It's just that a friend of mine likes to call me that. So I thought.. Why not? I'd thought of Infinity-san (which is a bit like Mr. Infinity).. but anyways. A choice made and I don't want to go back. How the hell did I learn japanese btw?

Simple! By over watching japanese animes and manga! I picked up quite a few words from the language. Never know when it might come useful. And Bleach is so much fun, while Rukia is ever so cute!! Apart from anime and manga, I also like computers, so expect to see lots of things about computers in my blog. Computing (and internet) is an addiction for me.. I got my first touch at computers when my mom bought a 486. That time, I used it only for paint-brushing and of! I also got to use computers here and there, switching from one Windows environment to another. It's just recently that I've been trying my hand at Linux. It's fun! I particularly like to customize things my way. My desktop is the living (artificial?) proof, with Blackbox on it. I still don't have much Linux experience... But I hope to gain some quickly!

Last thing.. If you don't want to bear with my rare (quite frequent) rantings, then.. you will have to! Because I will also use this blog as a platform of expression for my rantings against the world! Trust me, they are usually fun reads! M'enfin, it depends on you.

I believe I got nothing more to say for now.. Check back for more posts! :D

See ya folks,

Infinity :D


  1. Unknown said...

    alla ene long post la..
    tne gagne nissa ecrire dapres lordre toi la
    keep it up


  2. _яιVєя σƒ в|ιss_ said...

    Gosagne masu Infinity-sama!! ^_^ Arigato gosagne masu for ur comment, n for sharing some japanese words wid me n for giving me the opportunity of learning somefing new every time!!! I like ur blog very much n guess what? i dnt see "a rai" no longer now!!! :D
    hmm plz keep on posting!! at least i'll kno were to read wen i feel like learning smefing new!!
    n yeaaaaaahh wat u paint is really beautiful!! mayB u cud post em from time to time!!
    somefing that i got to kno abt u from Vij [which i can confirm to b true] is that easy stuffs are too difficult for u to understand! hmm keep it up!
    that's all for now..
    wish u da very best in life!! ^_^
    tk kr..  

  3. morinn said...

    hmm, oto biographie sa?? lol  


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