Got Beryl!

After much temptation resisting, I finally succumbed. I got Beryl installed on my Kubuntu box. I must say I am impressed and obtained more than I expected, considering the specs of the box:

- Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
- 256 MB RAM
- 32 MB of VRAM (!) on an ATI card.
- 80 GB of HD

I expected all the coolness of Beryl to at least require 512 MB of RAM and 64 MB of Gfx and 50 MB of download. I was totally wrong! Beryl ran smooth on my specs, sometimes causing my processor fan to scream, I must say when I'm tweaking it. Apart from that, it flows quite smoothly with some noticeable lag. Considering the specs, it's expected. But it ran more smoothly than I thought. And yeah, it requires 7 MB of download! :P

The steps to install Beryl are quite short and simple to follow for ATI cards. For NVidia, it seems to be even easier. You just need to have the right drivers, which I had on Feisty Kubuntu.

Check out the steps here:
Beryl's Wiki -

Here's my own small guide for ATI-cards:

Basically, it involves checking whether you have the right drivers using Konsole and "glxinfo | grep direct". If you see "Direct Redering = Yes" proceed. Now, run "glxinfo | grep vendor". If you see server, client vendor = SGI, proceed. Else install the required drivers. Refer to Beryl's Wiki for more info. I didn't need drivers, so I don't have instructions here...

After that, open Adept and install: beryl, beryl-manager, emerald-themes. It should take 7MB approx.

After the install, access K-menu and under System, there is Beryl Manager. Open it. A small ruby or gemstone or whatever appears in your taskbar. Congratulations! You now have Beryl. You can proceed and customize the various options. And yeah, to test. Try dragging a window around. If it's wobbly, it's working! :P

If you want to see what's Beryl's capable, check out the videos I posted earlier.

Now, to make Beryl auto-start under KDE (these instructions are not in the Beryl Wiki. Had to look around), run this in Konsole:

"ln -s /usr/bin/beryl-manager /home/youruser/.kde/Autostart/beryl-manager"

You now have Beryl and it auto-starts. Enjoy your new set of desktop effects and your cool desktop cube! Try Alt+CTRL+Click and drag. :P

I also found this nice link for a Wiki on Beryl by Arch Linux. Check it out if you want:
Arch Linux - Beryl

That's all for now... Feel free to comment!



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