Following a conversation with Darklide, he informed me that Paypal now supports Mauritius! Wow! I was skeptical. So I went on the Paypal site and check! OMG!


For now at least, only sending money is supported. It means that you can only PAY with paypal and not accept payments, or receive money. For me, this is good enough. I wanted a secure way to pay online, not to sell. I'm not a great seller anyways.

Yaaaayyyyy! Now at least we can get good prices on Ebay, Flicker and Deviant Art! Simply marvellous! :P

Be on the lookout for new features folks! This is indeed great news for geeks that want cheap products!

I haven't tried the service yet. If anybody could post their comments and reviews about the service? If I do, I'll let you have my feedbacks. For now, that is all.

Edit: Having tested the service for a while now, I can say Paypal reliably supports Mauritius now. Shopping on Ebay has become a breeze, and buying things like Rapidshare premium accounts is child's play. Thank you Paypal! Note that you can only send money, and not receive. Meaning that you cannot sell stuff and get paid via Paypal if you are in Mauritius. I don't think it'll be long until we get to receive money too. But for now, it is not possible. Not that it affects me personally though.. I mainly buy, not sell.

One issue though. We do not currently have special Online-Banking Bank cards. Nope, we don't have one-use credit cards and the variety of similar service. You will have to apply for a credit card or an MCB Primo card, which I think is accepted and has a Rs.2000 limit. Not much, but workable.


  1. _яιVєя σƒ в|ιss_ said...

    hmm blogs shud b read the way mangas are read if u see 3 new blogs suddenly.. i wonder wer ive been for not noticing em..
    [thnx for ur comments.. finishd work 2d.. had a real gr8 time there! shall miss everyfing n everyone ther!]  

  2. _яιVєя σƒ в|ιss_ said...

    yeah i confirm i wasnt on Earth.. i hadnt read abt this very important detail n had i done so i wudnt have askd y u need paypal the other day..
    it's 100% safe seulmen?  

  3. Shah Khan said...

    buddy that was in 2007 that you posted this and we are now in 2011, reaching 2012 but still we cannot receive payments from paypal even if we earn that from some kind of works done on the internet! Mauritius is lagging behind in the IT world i see, what say buddy?  


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